Situated at the top of the pyramid of power, there is a philosophy.  It is a lie.  However it is a lie, it filters down into the lives of everyone.  It has spread to all corners of the planet.  It is us as we are now.  From this lie grows a social doctrine that expresses itself in Marxism, communism, socialism, religonism and all the other ‘isms’ that keep you separated from your true self.  This lie is the subjective sense of self. 

By what means do we have to eradicate this lie?  Of course, the answer is the truth.

Who is guilty of this lie?  Well, most of us.  Who is not guilty of this lie?  That would be the higher man or genius.

One man who dared to challenge this lie was Otto Weininger.  In 1903 he published his book, Sex and Character.  This book looked at the fundamental characterology of the sexes on a broad scientific basis.  What is quite remarkable about the book is that Otto Weininger was only 23 years old when he published it.  As young as he was, his book stands equal to anything written from the truly original thinkers at the height of their intellectual capacity and insight. 

To Weininger, each individual has in him or her a mixture of maleness and femaleness, however, no person is wholly male or wholly female.  Who we attract and are attracted to  are individuals who will complete ourselves, in sexual union, so that we become fully male and fully female.  This law of sexual attraction was his discovery.

Subjective thought is a feminine characteristic.  As no man is psychically wholly male, subjective thought is in males to the degree of their psychic femininity. Objective thought is a masculine characteristic and can be found in females to the extent of their psychic masculinity.

Subjective thought is spiritual destruction.  Objective thought is spirit manifesting.  Objective thought is the condition of being, the moment as eternity.

Every man has in him every element of the universe.  He is the universe.  Good, evil, hate, love, criminality etc., are all aspects in man.  He projects himself onto the world and the world always reflects his subjectiveness back to him.  Thus, the beauty of a woman is the beauty that is in man projected onto her.  The purity in man is projected onto a child or a flower and it reflects this characteristic of his back to him. Likewise, hatred is a projection of our own evil qualities on other persons in order that we may stand apart from them and hate them.   These projections from men come from the feminine subjective element in his psychic constitution. 

It is “consciousness and consciousness alone which is moral; all unconsciousness is immoral and all immorality is unconsciousness.”   When a man understands that each other man is an individual center of the universe, he alone is in a position to avoid making use of his neighbors as means to an end.  A man whose ego has acquired this consciousness is the genius.  The greater a man’s consciousness has expanded, the greater he is a genius.  The more other  individuals he has in him, the greater his genius.

“the genius is simply the higher morality.  The great man is not only the truest to himself, the most unforgetful, the one to whom errors and lies are most hateful and intolerable;  he is also the most social, at the same time the most self-contained, and the most open man.  The genius is altogether a higher form, not merely intellectually, but morally.  In his own person, the genius reveals the idea of mankind.  He represents what man is; he is the subject whose object is the whole universe which he makes endure for all time.”

It is only through man’s WILL that he can transcend the subjective thinking in him and rise above his lower nature and become conscious.

The nature of objective thought allows for man to understand truths from within.  This in itself is the nature of morality.  Subjective thought does not allow for this as everything comes from without.  Thus, it is non-moral.  There is no basis for morality in subjective thought as it is unconscious. 

As subjective thought is feminine in its character, women can never be free of it.  Even the most manly women is subjective in her thinking.

Weininger spends a great deal of time analyzing the characterology of women.  He argues that women’s bodies are sexual throughout.  They are fundamentally  receptive and submissive in their nature.  Everything, psychically about them has come from without.  They are subjective as it is the subjective nature in others that has formed them.  They do not have an objective self and are thus spiritually dead.  Their cosmic purpose is to carry on the species.

Women do not need emancipation from men.  Their emancipation must be from themselves and their subjective thinking.

Regarding the Jews, Weininger, who was himself a Jew who converted to Protestantism, has this to say:

“I must, however, make clear what I mean by Judaism;  I do not refer to a nation or to a race, to a creed or a scripture.  When I speak of the Jew I mean neither an individual nor the whole body, but mankind in general, in so far as it has a share in the platonic idea of Judaism.”

Concerning antisemitism:

“The explanation is simple.  People love in others the qualities they would like to have but do not actually have in any great degree;  so also we hate in others only what we do not wish to be, and what notwithstanding we are party.  We hate only qualities to which we approximate, but which we realize first in other persons.”

“….whoever detests the Jewish disposition detests it first of all in himself;  that he should persecute it in others is merely his endeavour to separate himself in this way from Jewishness;  he strives to shake it off and to localise it in his fellow-creatures, and so for a moment to dream himself free of it.  Hatred, like love, is a projected phenomenon;  that person alone is hatred who reminds one unpleasantly of oneself.”

What then, is in the Jew that so detests others and brings about antisemitism?

Weininger’s answer is that the Jew is more saturated with femininity, with precisely those qualities that are in the strongest opposition to the male nature.  They embody the subjective mind.  Thus, “a the Jew is not really anti-moral.”

“To defeat Judaism, the Jew must first understand himself and war against himself.”


The feminization of our planet is due to the unconsciousness of subjective thought.  There must be a return to  masculine, objective consciousness. 

Let there be no doubt, Sex and Character is a very dangerous book.  It is a philosophy that strikes at the root of the lie that has taken hold of this planet.

Since the end of World War II, and the deluge of political correctness, Weininger’s book has gathered much dust on forgotten shelves.  As humanity stands on the abyss, perhaps it is time that Weininger’s book is ‘re-discovered’ so as to provide us with proper weapons to fight this beast that is taking us to our destruction.

The Queen of Darkness sits at the helm of the pyramid of power.  She is the feminine characteristic of subjective unconscious thought.  Her symbol is the All Seeing Eye.  It represents that which comes from without.  The god outside of oneself.  However, the true eye of divinity is the eye of the godhead that comes from within.  It is found in the masculine characteristic of objective thought, the condition of being.

The Kingdom of God cometh not with outward show, neither shall they say, ‘Lo here!’ for behold, the Kingdom of God is within you. (Luke xvii, 20,21)

On October the 3rd in 1903, Otto Weininger spent the night in an apartment he had just  begun renting a few days before.  This apartment was where Beethoven had died.  The following morning, on October the 4th, he ended his life with a gunshot to the chest.  He was only 23 years old.